NCR Legacy Society

As an NCR Legacy Society member, your voice, your values will speak to generations to come.

NCR’s Legacy Society is a community of readers and friends who have chosen to give expression to their values through a planned gift—of any size—to NCR through their estate. As you know, in “the old days,” people drew up their “Last Will and Testament.” It seems the Testament was just as important to the process as the Will. People wrote out—often in longhand—a statement of their faith and their values, so that future generations would know what was most meaningful to them. In a sense, the Will supported the Testament as an expression of what was most important to the writer.

What is most important to you? What do you want future generations of your family to know about you?
When you join NCR’s Legacy Society, you are sustaining the values that NCR has expressed for you and with you as long as you have been a reader. You ensure that bold, independent Catholic journalism continues beyond your lifetime and for future generations. In short, as an NCR Legacy Society member, your voice, your values will echo for generations to come.

How to join the NCR Legacy Society
Simply advise us that you have included NCR in your will or estate plan and we will follow up with you. Or, if you haven’t yet considered including NCR in your estate plan, we will be happy to share more information with you about planned gifts and how they can meet your personal, financial and philanthropic goals. Please contact us.

Once you become a member of NCR’s Legacy Society, with your permission, your name will forever be honored among all our members. Here’s what you will receive as a member:

  • A lifelong subscription to eNCR
  • Special invitations to online events
  • A biannual email “From the Publisher’s Desk” with highlights of recent articles or what to watch for in the future.

Learn more about the NCR Legacy Society.